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Electrical installation for new construction, expansion and renovation

Our company has external resources specialized in interior design in order to conciliate the latest trends with your decor while privileging energy saving as well as your budget.

Rénovation cuisine - installation électrique complète


  • Electrical connections of all kinds

  • Evaluation of the capacity of the electrical entrance

  • Modernization of the electrical panel

  • Installation of electric baseboard, convection and radiant heating system (interior and exterior) and electric heated floors

  • Connection of central system (electric furnace) and dual-energy system

  • Installation of electronic thermostats to save energy

  • Connection of heat pump and air conditioners

  • Protection devices against power surges

  • Power supply and connection of any pool and spa  

  • Garden shed power supply

  • Permanent or temporary connection for generators

  • Landscape lighting

  • Indoor and outdoor charging stations for electric vehicles


Technologies adapted to your needs and your reality that will reduce your ecological footprint, in addition to allowing you to make substantial savings (energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and increased productivity). 

  • Conversion to LED

  • Neon spotlight directional projector

  • Energy efficient neon

  • Electronic ballast

  • Programmable electronic thermostat

  • Dimmer switch

  • Solar panel

  • Pool timer

Government subsidies exist to facilitate your decisions and thus assist you financially.

Segment Écoénergétique
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